Sealcomics vlog 29: Ninja Seals find themselves in a martial arts contest

The Ninja Seals find themselves about to participate in a martial arts contest…probably involuntarily…

Drawn and filmed by Joe Yang

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Graphic novel is coming soon!

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Day 1 of 30 – Ninja Seals challenge

I’m starting a 30 day challenge. Every day, for the next 30 days, I will create and post a new time-lapse video of me sketching a picture of the ninja seals.

Hopefully I can get through this!

Here’s my quick intro:


And here’s the first sketch:

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Sealcomics self-publishing vlog 11

I enjoyed using the time-lapse function on my iPhone so much, I decided to use it again for this vlog.

Here I am, finalizing pages 74 and 75 of my upcoming indie graphic novel: NINJA SEALS – THE AQUARIUM OF TERROR.

Time lapse isn’t just a visual gimmick – at times, it gives an idea of what goes into creative work. Additionally, since I’m still getting used to talking in front of the camera, time-lapse also offers an opportunity to show more than tell.

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